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Our Retirement Lifestyle Communities—for those transitioning into their retirement years or already fully retired—allow homeowners the chance to unlock money from their existing homes and start doing the things in life they'd rather be doing. And stop doing the things they'd rather not be doing, like maintaining a house that's become too big.


Land Lease communities offer more affordable homes, vibrant social activities, and a wide variety of expertly managed services and amenities.

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If you’re looking to bridge the gap from apartment living or the costs of a traditional mortgage to an affordable home of your own—we have the answer, at a fraction of the cost!  
Get equity in your own home, with a yard and plenty of room for a growing family. But more than just another home in another community, you'll be in an expertly managed community, meaning you're always guaranteed to live in a well-maintained and secure place, often with communal amenities you won't find elsewhere. It's a smarter way to get a place to call your own. 

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Land Lease - A Concept Grounded in Logic

More and more people are finding common ground in this practical, sensible concept. With Parkbridge Communities, you own your home, the land is leased and the amenities are managed, so you can pay less, keep your cash and own every experience, forever.


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