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RV Camping & Cottage Resorts

Within easy reach of major centres in British Colum​​bia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, our resorts provide memorable getaways for seasonal and overnight guests.

In stunning picturesque locations, our RV, camping & cottage resorts are where people want to play, recharge and make memories. You can relax knowing you can get away from it all, your way. Get your own cottage, by week, by season, by year, or buy your own resort cottage at a fraction of the traditional cost; bring your own RV, or just come camping with us. Whichever you choose, you’ll return to a consistently idyllic environment, year after year. And you'll breathe even easier knowing that our resorts are among the best managed and most affordable getaways in Canada .

Parkbridge has RV Resort locations in the most sought-after destinations throughout Canada


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