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Family Communities
If you’re looking to bridge the gap from apartment living or the costs of a traditional mortgage to an affordable home of your own—we have the answer, at a fraction of the cost!

Get equity in your own home, with a yard and plenty of room for a growing family. But more than just another home in another community, you'll be in an expertly managed community, meaning you're always guaranteed to live in a well-maintained and secure place, often with communal amenities you won't find elsewhere. It's a smarter way to get a place to call your own.
There are over 30 Parkbridge Family Communities throughout Canada.

Featured Communities

Domaine du Ruisseau

Dieppe, New Brunswick

Image of Domaine de Ruisseau

With over 300 units, this friendly and tight-knit community offers a beautiful setting with spacious landscaped lots on municipal services. The well-tended homes and yards reflect residents’ pride of ownership and shared respect for the community.

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Huron Haven

Goderich, Ontario

Image of Huron Haven

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Huron, Huron Haven is one of the most affordable communities in the sought after Goderich area. Residents have convenient access to the lake, many recreational facilities, Goderich, and all of the other important lifestyle amenities you would expect.

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Trumpeter Village

Grande Praire, Alberta

Image of Trumpeter Village

Trumpeter Village is a beautiful community, designed to accentuate the lifestyle of the modern family, and comes complete with it’s own pond, walking and biking trails, and is centrally located, close to all the important amenities.

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