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Parkbridge makes affordable residential communities exceptional. We strive to help Canadians enjoy a better and smarter lifestyle. But how exactly does Parkbridge make that a reality?

​The answer is our Live Smart Lease. This financing solution is an affordable alternative to traditional home ownership. While becoming ever more popular here in Canada, land leasing is far from a new concept internationally. It is a tried, true and commonplace option in many parts of the US, Australia and Europe. The fact is that, if you're looking to unlock the money tied up in your current house, or to purchase a new home without a big capital investment, our Live Smart Lease will make more sense than any other ownership option available. The clues to its simple benefits are in the name... ​


Our Live Smart Lease gives you a new lease on life. It frees up money to spend on the things that matter most, and avoids much of the effort and expense required to pay for, and maintain, the lifestyle you really want. Parkbridge residents feel a strong community spirit and enjoy living in our well-managed neighbourhoods.


Our Live Smart Lease provides a smarter way to live. You don't have to come up with a huge down payment or saddle yourself with a massive mortgage. And unlike renting an apartment or buying into the politics of condo living, you get your own home with your own yard and rely on Parkbridge Community Managers to manage the day-to-day needs of the community. That's because every one of our dozens of Parkbridge Residential Communities are about partnership and creating a true sense of community. Our communities are investments we share with you. Our professional Parkbridge management and our mutually agreed-upon community standards help every community meet a shared ideal, and maintain them to stay that way.


You own your home, and you lease the land it's on from Parkbridge. This is the key to the affordability of our offerings. In fact, recent statistics from both CMHC and MLS bear out that homes in residential land lease communities are often significantly more affordable than freehold properties that are comparable in every other way. That's because you pay just for the home, not the lot it resides on. You're free to do whatever you wish with the money you unlock from the sale of your current home, or the money you're not paying the bank in big monthly mortgage payments that include the land. Plus, property taxes in our communities are often lower than those incurred by comparable freehold homes—helping to offset other monthly expenses.

The Parkbridge Live Smart Lease. Your own home, with no money locked into the lot it's on, in a neighbourhood with a real sense of community... all thanks to the Live Smart Lease. There is finally one area of your life where you can have your cake and eat it too!​​