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“My husband and I ... are so happy living in this community; we wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I don't even mind winter this year. The snow is cleared from the driveway all the way up to the f​ront door, there are many activities to keep us occupied all week long, and the neighbours are very friendly and always want to lend a helping hand. It is very quiet and peaceful here; I'm able to sleep better and longer. There is a beautiful trail to walk or ski; with all the trees surrounding you, it makes you feel like you're in another world.” 
- Lynn and Kathleen 

“As you are well aware, our society always takes the time to bring negativity but very rarely take the time to say “job well done”. My wife and I will be living in a house that was put together with care and efficiency. We will talk about this experience for years to come. Please express our gratitude to your Site Supervisor Dave and his crew and also the crew from Parkbridge homes ...” 
- Andre and Marie-Ann 

“One Sunday my husband and I took a drive out to Antrim Glen. ...When we went through the countryside and [inspected] a few homes, we saw how neat and well-kept they were ... Never to cut and trim lawns or remove snow is a bonus for us! Recently we had to close up our house trailer up north. After taking a week to do so, I could hardly wait to get home to our cozy house. We never looked back!” 
​- Marlene​