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Call for a quote: 705-326-7898

Rates Include

Spring Launch, Summer Dockage, Hydro, City Water, Pump Outs, Parking, Fall Haul Out & Block, Winter Storage & Parkbridge Marinas Membership.

Please note these rates do not include shrink wrapping your vessel for winter lay-up.

Perimeter Slips - $100 Surcharge

“Summer Only” Rates -80% of Annual Fees

HST will be applied to all Rates

Annual Dockage Payment Plans

​​Standard ​Pay a $500 deposit November 1 - Balance due April 15
​Plan "A" ​Pay in full by November 1 and receive 3% discount (Cash, Cheques or Debit only)​
​Plan "B" ​Pay a $500 deposit and three postdated cheques submitted by November 1 with cheques dated January 30, February 28, and March 30. This option will receive a 2% discount
​Plan "C" ​Pay with seven equal monthly postdated cheques starting November 1 and ending April 30. ​​​