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July 10, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Jay Beech, Manager, Land Development

Jay Beech is always ready for a challenge — on the slopes or in the workplace.


This former snowboarding competitor and judge spent years excelling in all aspects of the sport. As a top competitor, gear rep, manager, judge, and judge trainer, Jay's passion for snowboarding took him across North America and overseas for intense competitions. It comes as no surprise that he's found a way to make the best of every season and never lose focus. This tenacity serves Jay well in his current position as Parkbridge's Land Development Manager.


Land Development is crucial to the heart of Parkbridge. Through his diligent work, Jay's team assists in the design, approval, and execution of entire residential subdivisions and complex site plans. Together, they bring Parkbridge's innovative concepts to life. There's no one day that looks the same as another. As Jay says, "And that's why I enjoy what I do so much."


On any given day, you might find Jay examining site servicing progress at a residential subdivision, conferring with the municipality on a design call, or trying to solve civil engineering issues as they relate to the residential subdivision, site plan, and infrastructure approval process. His diligent work continues behind the scenes, too. Paperwork, communication, creativity and patience are essential to everything he does.

"All aspects of the Residential Subdivision / Site Plan Design and Site Servicing process essentially have to flow through me and my team," Jay explains. "We communicate and coordinate internally with all of Parkbridge's departments from our senior executive team, property ops, sales and marketing team, planning team, and legal team…. So I'm a conduit and liaison for all aspects of the land development process."


His background as a competitor has taught Jay to take the long view when it comes to setting goals. As land development manager, the biggest wins aren't tangible things like fresh asphalt, and completing storm water management ponds, but celebrating behind-the-scenes milestones, like getting design approvals for an entire residential subdivision years in the making. It's a perspective that's especially valuable when it comes to environmental stewardship. Jay knows that projects like stormwater management ponds can't just be built to today's municipal, provincial and conservation standards – they have to look to the future. Through this commitment to long-term planning, he contributes to more sustainable communities.


Ever the sportsman, Jay focuses on teamwork from start to finish. He's modest about the role he plays at Parkbridge's and emphasizes the accomplishments of his team. Together, they've coordinated the communication between Parkbridge and numerous external consultants and companies — and Jay is there for every step of the way to make sure it all goes smoothly.