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February 03, 2020

Alternative Homeownership

Community is what matters most to land lease residents

Linda Lewer and her husband, George, were living in the community of Alcona in the town of Innisfil, just south of Barrie.

“We had a home on the lake, but it was expensive to maintain and we were planning to retire soon,” Linda says. “I had worked for several years as a personal support worker in a land lease community in Innisfil, so we thought we’d look around. And we found a house we really liked, but we didn’t know a lot about land leasing.”

The Lewers realized they had to familiarize themselves with the option of owning a house but renting the land. “We discovered that it was much more affordable for us. The rent and taxes on the house were much less than it would cost to rent an apartment. And this house was bigger, better and less expensive than the house we were in. We jumped in with both feet. That was six years ago and we’re happy we made the move." ​Read more...​​​​